Greedfall is an upcoming action-RPG set in fantasy setting. The art style is 17th century European style.

Story line

A new island has been discovered by several colonial forces from different countries. The island is rumored to be filled with lost secrets and many riches, however, it is also filled with magic. You will find yourself in the middle of invading settlers and the locals (who are being protected by supernatural monsters and beings) following the increasing tension.


You with other settlers explore the new island through achieving quests and objectives in number of different ways, mainly through combat. You can also choose between stealth, diplomacy and deception. The locals are opposing the new invaders by fighting back alongside with the islands supernatural beings. Your choices, no matter how small they seem to be, will affect the whole course of the game.


Greedfall is currenlty being developed for PC (Microsoft Windows), Playstation 4 and Xbox One.

Release date

Greedfall is planned for release in 2018.


More information will be added to Greedfall WIKI as the developers will reveal more info in the weeks and months to come.